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Cre8Edu was founded in 2014 by Amanda Ma Morrison; also the founder of Cre8voce Music Lessons in New York City. After teaching music lessons for longer than a decade, Amanda always looking for the most creative and fun way to accompany young children while they learn. One year, Amanda was so inspired by her youngest student, Louis, 2.5-year-old, who loved music and naturally very musical.  Amanda thought about many different ways to help Louis to learn. One day, when she and Louis were playing the piano with some random toys, Amanda noticed Louis learned even better when she made music into things he likes-  Music notes became animals; rhythm became body movements. Everything turned into life! They started playing the piano with animals, they ran around while learning music rhythm. Amanda saw the amazing result and wanted to share her experiences with more people, so she started working with her illustrator, designer friends, turned her ideas into real images. This is how Play Music Play Rhythm was born.   


Amanda Ma Morrison


Amanda is an early childhood music education specialist, and a former classical music vocalist. She offers a more complete musical education according to each child’s unique personality.

Amanda found Crevoce Music Lessons in 2012 and has been having fun music time with her adorable students in NYC. 

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