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How to play



Meet our music friends! Use Rhythm Book, watch the animations and learn their names! Learn how to count and how to clap through singing and dancing!
musicbook for kids; music game for kids

“There are two parts in the Rhythm Book. Part I introduces nine musical friends and Part II are eight decks of music cards. Players can arrange the cards side-by-side into combinations of fun and challenging rhythm games.” 

  • 9 musical Friends learning pages

  • 80 double-sided flip rhythm cards


Use Playbook as an example. You can make your own rhythm with flip cards in the back of the Rhythm Book

music game for kids; music book for kids

“PlayBook contains eight chapters of exercises. They can be played individually, with the flip cards in the Rhythm Book, or follow along with the DVD. There are also character stickers that can be used at the end of each chapter for more fun games.”

  • 8 chapter of exercises

  • Reusable character stickers

  • DVD


Use the follow-along DVD to accompany your game.

music animation for kids; music cartoon for kids

“Contains the Play Music Play Rhythm Theme song, 9 character animation videos and 8 chapters of follow-along videos.”

  • Play Music Play Rhythm Theme song

  • 9 character animation videos

  • 8 chapters of follow-along videos 


On the opposite side of each page is the music notation. You can also find it on the back of the flip cards when you are familiar with our music friends.

musicnote flash card


Play Stickers at the end of each chapter.

music stickers

“Cool reusable stickers featuring the Music Friends. Use the stickers to create your own games, do exercises and help kids brush up their skills.”

The Wall poster for your home or classroom

musicnote poster

“High quality wall poster provides a colorful quick reference for kids to reinforce learning. Hang it up in your classroom or at home.”


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